Firstly; thanks so far to the 1500 people who have downloaded the Live Documenter. For your support and feedback.

The Box Software is still working away behind the scenes on the export functionality. We are still looking at first quarter of this year release schedule. So over the next month or so you should start seeing some updates and previews on this website; and a notification via email when it is released for all our newsletter subscribers.


  1. I am guessing that your Q1 estimate is slipping a bit given the date I am posting this… do you have a new estimate?

    • It has slipped a lot, I am not going to bore you with excuses but we are still working on it and it is coming along. Sorry I can’t give you an estimate at the moment but please keep checking back for updates.

  2. Will this ever get updated!

    It needs to stop crashing when I load some of my projects.

    I need the ability to have A list within A List!

    when will we get some updates!

    • Hi Aaron, the next update is a major one. It includes the ability to export documentation. I can understand your frustration and we are feeling the same.

      However if you are experience issues loading/viewing documentation using an existing version please send us details of the issues you are experiencing and we will do our best to resolve it – or atleast make sure it is resolved in future releases.

      Please provide more details to support@theboxsoftware.com.


  3. Great piece of software. I can’t wait to see the version that allows export. Without export it’s great for looking at your own documentation but not so good for showing the documentation to potential library buyers who may not wish to download the live documenter software first.

    It would be brilliant to allow export to CHM and HTML.

  4. Hi Richard, thanks for you kind comments. The export functionality is coming soon. If all goes to plan this should be in Alpha testing in the next week.

    It supports web, HTML Help 1, MS Help 2 and MS Help Viewer at the moment.

  5. I know what feature it needs.

    It would be cool if this program would automaticly and silently rebuild A SandCastle document in the backgroup.

    That way we get the real time documentation from this program, or the CHM file from the SandCastle (well…at least the last one that has been built)

    Something like that would be awesome!

    • Hi Aaron, thanks for your continued support!

      Trust me. You will not need Sandcastle at all when v1.2 gets released, we are just coming out of Alpha testing – so not much longer to wait. Have a look at: http://theboxsoftware.com/2011/09/live-documenter-export-hits-alpha/.

      Also if you have any questions regarding the new version, ask away, and I will answer.


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