Preview: Exporting

As the beta registration process is continuing and we are gearing up for it on our side, we thought we would whet your appetite with a preview of the exported content. I do have to add that this is still pre-release material and is subject to change, with that in mind, this is what we did.

We loaded up Live Documenter and added the following .NET 2 libraries, chosen because they ship with XML comments, mscorlib, system and system.drawing. We then pointed it a the web export configuration file hit the go button and waited for 8 minutes. Yes that’s right 8 minutes to output some 24,ooo members. How long did the competition take? 50 minutes.

View the MSDN style web output from Live Documenter.

This was produced using our highly configurable export configuration files. We touched on these briefly in a previous post, feel free to download this one and use an application to unzip the contents to have a look.


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