Preview: Better File Management with Projects

Live Documenter allows you to load a solution, project file or assembly and immediately view the XML comments as documentation. But what if you have your public API libraries spread across multiple solutions or projects?

In the past you would have to create a new project or switch between libraries, but with the new documentation projects and project management features. Managing which libraries are documented has become as easy as exporting your documentation with Live Documenter.

What are documentation projects?

Live Documenter projects allow you to add and remove libraries, set project specific settings such as which members should be filtered and where the documentation be published to.

And to save these settings to a project file which can easily be opened from your file system or through the Live Documenter interface.

How will documentation projects work?

After opening a solution, project or library you can see the add and remove toolbar icons are available. You can add a solution, project or file and it will merge the libraries together under a single documentation set.

New tool bar in the Live Documenter

New tool bar options

Remove shows you a list of assemblies in the documentation and allows you to remove them one by one.

Removing assemblies from a Live Documenter project

Selecting an assembly to remove from the project

You will see the effects of adding and removing libraries immediately. After you have configured your documentation you can save this as a Live Documenter project file.

The project file also stores other information about your documentation and how you wish to view it. It stores the current build configuration being viewed, the filters being applied and where the documentation is being published to.

Documentation projects simplify how you manage the documentation for your projects by: allowing you to set up your projects documentation once, produce documentation from disconnected projects and solutions, and allowing important documentation specific settings to be stored.

What do you think of the new documentation projects?

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