Live Documenter v1 Release

Exciting times! We are pleased to announce that the first version of the Live Documenter has been released.

The Live Documenter is The Box Software’s .NET documentation tool. Giving you live, up to date, access to your .NET XML comments. Grab your copy by simply entering your email and clicking “Get it!”. For more information you can visit out the Live Document page.

We hope you love it as much as we do!

Download your FREE* copy.


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* free for non commercial use.


  1. So, this looks awesome for our dev team to use for ourselves, but I don’t want to deploy source code to our clients. Is there a way to create a static file or put some files at a url that they can browse with live documentor?

  2. Hi Bob, we are currently working on functionality that will allow people to export the documentation as websites, CHM files etc.

    Unfortunately there is no super nice way of providing this functionality to clients at the moment. Whilst the Live Documenter does not need source code only the DLL and associated XML file, it will only read one library at a time.

    If you have any ideas about how you would like this to work, what you want from a documentation system. Then let us know, we will be holding a private beta for this functionality in the future.

    Thanks again for your feedback.

  3. I am getting timeout messages when I try to download. Is this product still available?

    • It is still available. If you are still having problems downloading then please contact