Commercial Licensing

We have been receiving a lot of email about commercial licensing. So to stop further confusion here is the current setup with regards to Live Documenter.

At present there is no commercial licensing for this product and that will be decided when the software is complete. The software will be complete when the exporting functionality is completed. At this point the full licensing model will be developed and published.

In the mean time please feel free to use the software in both commercial and non-commercial software. The current version v1.0.1 will always remain free for use.

Please accept our apologies for the delays in development, we hit an architectural issue with the exporting functionality. However that is now resolved, we are continuing to develop this functionality and are excited about the possibilities and implementation.


  1. Very quiet here… How are you guys getting along with that architectural issue?
    Still interested to keep us posted with how you are getting along

  2. Hi wizbit, yes, sorry for not feeding back a lot of information regarding progress. There will however be a an email going out soon inviting some of the people who registered for the original beta to help with the Alpha testing. And we are hoping to have a large post on this Blog describing how everything is going to work in the next week.


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