Bug Fix Release v1.0.1.3

We are pleased to announce an update is available for the Live Documenter that fixes a couple of known issues, this is immediately available using your original download link or alternatively it can be downloaded by going to the Live Documenter product page.

To upgrade existing installations, simply download the latest version and run the installer.

Fixes in this release include:

  • Fixes a problem that occurs when adding <code> elements to <para> elements
  • Fixes an issue that meant top level <example> elements were not displayed
  • Fixed a problem that occurs when the application parses unknown elements
  • Fixed a problem that occurred while parsing the pre-formatted content from a <code> element
  • Fixed an exception that occurred in very very large parameter lists
  • Added a check to make sure SP1 of the v3.5 .NET framework is available to stop an exception thrown by WPF

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