Always live, always up to date. Live documentor continually shows you the latest information from your projects, meaning you no longer need to wait for long static processing to get the information you need.

We Create Simple Software

It's what we do. The Box Software is comprised of people who believe that software should not only be functional, not only do the job but make it easy to do so to. Having a tool isn't enough. It has to feel right too.

We Create Great Software

The Box Software prides itself on creating great software. Not only in looks but usability as well. With our products you can always rely on obtaining the most useful, most useable and great software.

We are the Box Software

A company that delivers great simple, elegant software. Try our latest product the Live Documenter. A full featured .NET documentation tool.

News & Information

Follow our new Live Documenter twitter account

We have created a new Live Documenter twitter account, follow us for more specific tweets about our great new .NET documentation generator.

New sites coming soon

New websites will be launching soon for this company, at this address, and a specific site geared towards the Live Documentor. This will happen in time for the full launch of the Live Documentor.

Fast .NET documentation is just around the corner.

Normal service is resumed

Thank you for your patience during our technical issues. We have now resolved the issue and downloading is now working. If you have any problems downloading the software please contact us at


Server outage

Just a quick update to let you know we are experiencing a server outage at the moment and that means the download facility is not currently working. We are trying to rectify this at the moment and are expecting this to be fixed by tonight.

Sorry for any inconvenience this is causing at the moment. We will provide an update when everything is back to normal.

Preview: Exporting

As the beta registration process is continuing and we are gearing up for it on our side, we thought we would whet your appetite with a preview of the exported content. I do have to add that this is still pre-release material and is subject to change, with that in mind, this is what we did.
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Beta Registration is Open

Registration is now open for the Live Documenter v1.2 beta. To register you will need to complete the registration form and then (when the beta opens) we will send you the invite email with all of the necessary information and the all important download link.

By being a beta tester and helping us out, we will be giving away free copies of the Live Documenter v1.2 after it’s released. For more details and to register go to the registration form now.

Preview: Better File Management with Projects

Live Documenter allows you to load a solution, project file or assembly and immediately view the XML comments as documentation. But what if you have your public API libraries spread across multiple solutions or projects?

In the past you would have to create a new project or switch between libraries, but with the new documentation projects and project management features. Managing which libraries are documented has become as easy as exporting your documentation with Live Documenter.
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Live Documenter Export goes to Alpha

ExportTo celebrate the release of Live Documenter to alpha testing, we are going to give you a preview of some of the changes and enhancements over the next few weeks. To start, here is a preview of the export functionality.

The Live Documenter has always been about quick and easy and we have been working to make sure you don’t have to suffer another 40 minute export. Quick exports and the ability to see your documentation without waiting for the export to complete make the Live Documenter great.
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Commercial Licensing

We have been receiving a lot of email about commercial licensing. So to stop further confusion here is the current setup with regards to Live Documenter.

At present there is no commercial licensing for this product and that will be decided when the software is complete. The software will be complete when the exporting functionality is completed. At this point the full licensing model will be developed and published.

In the mean time please feel free to use the software in both commercial and non-commercial software. The current version v1.0.1 will always remain free for use.

Please accept our apologies for the delays in development, we hit an architectural issue with the exporting functionality. However that is now resolved, we are continuing to develop this functionality and are excited about the possibilities and implementation.


Firstly; thanks so far to the 1500 people who have downloaded the Live Documenter. For your support and feedback.

The Box Software is still working away behind the scenes on the export functionality. We are still looking at first quarter of this year release schedule. So over the next month or so you should start seeing some updates and previews on this website; and a notification via email when it is released for all our newsletter subscribers.


Live Documenter

Live Documenter is an XML Comment Documenter for the .NET framework. It seamlessly integrates with your current development practices to provide quick, always up to date access to your project's documentation. find out more